Dam Neck, VA

Dam Neck is located along Virginia’s Atlantic shore, about five miles south of Virginia Beach. More than three miles of beautiful beaches are located here, including more than 1,100 acres of highlands, marshes and sand dunes.

The first Jamestown settlers landed close to the present site of Dam Neck, where it’s believed pirates buried treasures. Battles were fought here in both the Revolutionary and Civil wars. During World War II, German submarines sank American shipping vessels close to Dam Neck beach. Today, Dam Neck refers to two areas: the U.S. Navy’s annex base on the coast where SEAL Team 6 trains, and historical land inland on the west side of lakes Redwing and Tecumseh.

Many unconfirmed tales are told of how Dam Neck got its name, including a man hoping his wife would fall and break her “damn neck,” as well as another man who did break his neck. Perhaps the most accepted name theory comes from the area being surrounded by swamps and considered an inland peninsula, or a “neck.” In any case, the name is said to date back to property deeds from the mid 1600s.

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Auto Repair in Dam Neck

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